Building Projects



Dothan During Renovation Process



Dothan After Renovation

Camp is grateful this project is completed and that guest groups are now able to enjoy the updated building.



Meeting and Lodging building design

Toah Nipi has drawn up building plans for a meeting building that could accommodate up to 300 people. Please pray that God would provide the means to make this project happen. We are confident that God will use this and other projects to further the kingdom.

We welcome people offering their time, skills, plants or contributing financially. To contribute, please email Toah Nipi at


Update on Prayer Garden (as of 1/11/14)

The prayer garden is underway!  The field stone circle and arch are completed and the hillside leading to the garden now is graced by a winding path.  This path also leads to a covered bridge.  The hillside will be reseeded with native grasses and wild flowers. The reshaped tubing run is sure to be a hit this winter.  Before we can proceed and finish the garden this spring we are in need of individuals and families willing to partner with us.  Needed yet are the field stone piers leading to the entrance of the garden ($6,500), plantings surrounding the garden area ($7,500), granite benches, and engraved scripture on stones. 


Prayer Garden Construction Pictures

Fall 2014 - Planting flowers at Prayer Garden



Winter 2014 - Prayer Garden Construction Progress



Fall 2013 - Prayer Garden Construction Progress



Summer 2013 - Prayer Garden Construction Progress




Spring 2013 - Prayer Garden Construction Progress






Building Project Plans


Some of the plants and stonework being considered for the prayer garden:

To learn more about Taking Root Design visit their website.