Camp's History


Toah Nipi was given to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in 1994. Since then we have hosted and served countless numbers of people.


Please enjoy looking at the pictures from the early years of our history to the present. The children in the early photos have grown up, and some have young families of their own that they bring back to visit Toah Nipi. Even though time has gone by and Toah Nipi may look different, at its heart Toah Nipi has not changed. Toah Nipi welcomes you to continue this legacy of impacting lives for Christ.





  Family Camp 1996 - kids performed a show called "The Great Race of Faith"



 Family Camp 1996 - the playground was created by families for families.



 Family Camp 1996 - Camp Fire Evening Worship. Kids are singing "Pharaoh- Pharaoh" with gestures.


 Family Camp in the early 2000's



Family Camp 2011