Greetings, College Students!



Toah Nipi looks forward to seeing you at your next visit with your InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter. If you are not part of a chapter, you can find a chapter near you by visiting InterVarsity New England.


SummitThanksgiving Houseparty, ServeUP, and Urbana are great opportunities that you won't want to miss!



Summit 2016


Summit 2016 Dates:

May 8-12

May 15-19

August 21-25


Every spring and summer at Toah Nipi, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapters gather from all over New England to participate in our chapter camps, referred to as Summit. Chapter Camps are a time for student leaders to meet as a campus group to plan the upcoming school year of ministry. Other IVCF chapters attend as well, which makes for a time of powerful worship, meaningful fellowship, and engaging manuscript studies. Chapter camp lasts for a little under a week. 

"When I came to Summit, I had many questions about how God was going to use me in my fellowship - and how he was going to call on me personally in evangelism.  Through Summit I have gained a strong understanding of how God is working in me to spread his word to non-believers - and the struggles I have been feeling make more sense.  [During Summit] I have seen God work in our group to bring us together and build on each other's ideas.  I feel we all have a different purpose within the group, and God worked in each one of us to make this a strong community for when we get back to school . . . Studying Ephesians was the highlight of my week."





Summit Promo from InterVarsity New England on Vimeo.



Katrina Relief Urban Plunge, now called ServeUP, is often described as a "life-changing event" for students. Chapter groups invite their non-Christian friends to serve by doing construction for those whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. ServeUP occurs during spring break. Students travel through the day and night on a coach bus to New Orleans. To learn more about Katrina Relief Urban Plunge visit . Also, enjoy watching ServeUP promotional film.


Urbana 2015



Join over 16,000 others from December 27-31, 2015 in St. Louis, to delve deeply into the Bible and explore how you can join in God’s global mission.


The Urbana student missions conference compels this generation of college students to give their whole lives to God’s global mission. Together with other students who are listening for God’s call on their lives, participants hear challenging speakers, talk with missionaries from hundreds of missions organizations, attend an amazing selection of seminars, participate in unique tracks, study the Bible inductively, worship and prayer together.


Urbana was started in 1946. Since then Urbana has occurred every three years. Learn more about the Urbana's history. Never been to Urbana before? Get a feel of what it is like by watching the Urbana promotional film.


Urbana is taking place in St. Louis, Missouri from December 27-31, 2015. Learn more about Urbana 15 and register for this strategic event. Learn more. Register now!





Thanksgiving Houseparty

Each year Toah Nipi invites International Students to enjoy a fun and restful November holiday at camp. Join other International Students for a traditional Thanksgiving holiday celebration and share warm fires, good conversations and new friendships. Toah Nipi's lodging is warm and comfortable. Housing is assigned to fit the needs of families or individuals. A delicious Thanksgiving meal will be prepared and served family-style in our dining hall. This event will take place on November 23rd-25th,2016. For more information, or to register view brochure.