Please Prayer for...


IVCF Summit Conference

This spring InterVarsity Christian Fellowship groups will be attending Toah Nipi chapter camps, referred to as Summit. Please pray for Summit which takes place May 19-23. 


Summer Crew Begins

Summer Crew 2013 is full! Please be praying for this years team to serve the Lord with Joy and strength. Also please pray for spiritual growth in the lives of Christ's hands and feet at Toah Nipi all summer long. 


Lu Lingzi's Family & Friends

Degrees of Separation  - Reflection by Greg Hodgson 

Picture of Boston Bombings Victim Lu Lingzi, at Toah Nipi
When I shook Mr. Linqzi's hand I knew that there really are no degrees of separation.  The grief and fatigue in his face, his hollow stare, and the language barrier between us choked me momentarily.  “This was a happy place for your daughter,” I shared as my hand lay on the two white Toah Nipi pullovers outstretched to him.  He met my fumbling attempt to express my deep regret with a firm handshake and appreciation. We bowed. I added, “I’ll be praying for your family,” as I departed. 

On the stage where the memorial service at Boston University was held, a banner featured the smiling face of Lu Lingzi.  A picture of her which had been taken last Fall while on a graduate student retreat at Toah Nipi.  Most all of us know someone who took part in the Boston Marathon April 15th.  Many of us know someone still recovering.  One of the deceased victims of the bombing had a connection to InterVarsity’s Camp Toah Nipi in little Rindge, NH and she shared many happy memories here.

Praying for Toah Nipi

Wise stewardship and generous giving are a result of the life devoted to God and Christ.  As we reflect on Christ’s generosity towards us, we are generous toward God and that which He loves.  It is a great and generous gift to Toah Nipi that you are joining us in prayer for the work of God at camp. 

Together, the staff of InterVarsity @ Toah Nipi and those who visit the camp ask that God’s holiness encompass this place (Deut. 23:14). Ask that the written, spoken, and revealed encounters with the Word have transforming effects on those in the camp. Ask that even as “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us,” we too would see “his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). Ask that those who dwell here briefly, in turn walk in a newness of life as those set free (Romans 6). Lastly, as you are prompted by the needs and work of God at Toah Nipi, pray for these with confidence in the name of the Lord Jesus (John 14:13). Thanks be to God.