Toah Nipi is located at 252 Old Ashburnham Rd. Rindge, NH 03461. 

Toah Nipi is located in a rural setting.  The Retreat and Training Center is just one mile off highway 119 and we highly recommend first-time guests arrive via a route which leads to 119.  GPS and Mapquest typically direct drivers to Toah Nipi via backroads through Ashburnham, MA.  If you are adventurous and don't mind driving unmarked and dark roads near your journey's end, you may do fine not arriving via 119.  If you (leave our 252 address off and) input Old Ashburnham Road, Rindge NH  03461 in your GPS you will likely be directed via 119.  One last word of advice:  Arrive at Toah Nipi via 119.



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