Personal Retreat Materials

Spiritual Director Hallie Cowan

Hallie Cowan is Assistant Regional Director for Prayer and Spiritual Formation for InterVarsity New England, and is a spiritual director and retreat leader. Hallie is a long term partner with Toah Nipi and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In the picture above she is shown with her husband Len. As a Spiritual Director, Hallie is available to individuals on personal retreats for materials and prayer. Email Toah Nipi for more information.

Downloadable Personal Retreat Guides:

Hallie has written spiritual retreat guides, that she calls "Rendezvous with God" (originally developed for InterVarsity staff in New England, September 2003). Please feel free to use and print the guides listed below:

Hallie has also written a handout on Solitude and Silence.

Hallie's Bio

Jesus called the first disciples to be with Him, and to be sent out... (Mark 3:14)  Hallie teaches InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff and students to pray in such ways that they depend on the Lord, not only for their personal needs, but also to bring Christ's Kingdom to campus. To ensure that InterVarsity staff learn to “be with Him” as they are sent out, Hallie also designs and coordinates Spiritual Formation retreats for all the staff teams in the New England Region.  Staff learn practices to sustain their spiritual lives in the midst of intensely draining campus ministry.  Teams learn to discern the Lord's voice together and how to encourage each other in the Lord.  Staff develop a personal Rule of Life, or "Rhythm of Life" a pattern of spiritual disciplines chosen to deepen their own intimacy and faithfulness to the Lord.  Growth in Spiritual Formation has borne remarkable fruit in New England. Staff know themselves better, they have deeper confidence in the Lord, they trust their teammates more fully, and they are doing more fruitful Kingdom work on campus. We are honored to have Hallie share her guidance and materials with our guests at Toah Nipi.